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ECG Abnormalities_Part 16

Friday, November 26, 2010

An 87 year old male with a history of coronary artery disease has the below ECG:

What is the Abnormality?


The ECG findings include:

1) Normal sinus rhythm with first degree AV block
2) Right bundle branch block (RBBB)
3) Left anterior fascicular block (LAFB or left anterior hemiblock or LAHB)
4) PVC


14 Responses to ECG Abnormalities_Part 16

  1. TIRUHI Says:

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. 1st degree AV block , lbbb , ventricular prem. beats

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. ST elevation in II, II, aVF; isolated PVCs;

    Sinus rhythm, Inferior wall MI, isolated PVCs, LBBB

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. lbbb with occasional ectopics,jnctnl

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. LBB ,ST elevation in II.III.avf(INFERIOR MI)

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. what about hyperkalemi?

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. LBBB

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. SR with PAC's and one PVC, 1st degree AVB, LVH, Pathological Left Axis Deviation and a RBBB which is a Bifascicular block. STEMI in the Inferior leads (since a RBBB maintains a normal ST segment) with reciprocal ST depression in the lateral leads. 15 lead EKG is indicated. With a bifascicular block in the presence of chest pains = PUT THE PACER PADS ON NOW AND BE READY FOR A CHB.

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. mi? hyperkalemia

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. old inferior wall MI represented by Q waves in II, III , avF and reinfarct in inf wall represented by ST elevation and acute upright T waves, along with Ventricular rhythm represented by Broad QRS complex and AV unsynchronization (3rd degreee block)

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. I agree with the anonymous writer above about the inferior STEMI, and additionally with reciprocal changes in the lateral wall. What I do not agree with is the second part of the interpretation. 3rd degree AVB? Clearly, there are P waves infront of every QRS complexes (except for the one PVC and 2 PAC's)with a set PRI of approximately 220ms (1st degree AVB). If I am mistaken, please point out the mistake so I may learn.

  23. Le Son Says:
  24. Completed Left Bundle Branch Block
    Multifocal Premature Ventricular Complexes
    Pathological Q in DII, DIII, aVF ---> Previous inferior IM

  25. Le Son Says:
  26. This patient needs ICD.

  27. Anonymous Says:
  28. 1st degree AVB maybe right but not clearly...


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